Aqualift means not only fantasy but also reliable, tough, tested and proven technology. It features a straightforward operating system, has simple maintenance requirements, and has been designed for you not to think about it.
A unique concept
A platform like the water surface moves vertically, in a similar way to a lift. When closed, it completely hides and prevents access to the swimming pool. Pool depth may therefore also be adjusted to suit swimmers' needs. At the simple turn of a key, a 2-metre deep pool can become a children's pool in which the little ones can safely paddle. When the platform is raised to cover the water surface, the swimming pool simply disappears and the space it occupied can therefore be used for something else (a terrace, children's play zone, or reception room, etc.) This process is virtually instantaneous, extremely simple and totally safe.
Absolute safety
Aqualift is an officially approved safety system similar to swimming pool fences, covers and alarms. Its technology has been designed to provide the utmost safety for people and complies with the swimming pool safety standard (AFNOR NF P90-308, cover section), the development of which featured the active involvement of the creator of the Aqualift system. Only the Aqualift company assembly teams are authorised to install the system. A thorough and precise book of specifications guarantees the quality of our products. The experience of our teams and rigorous selection of the materials used in manufacturing the Aqualift movable floor, furthermore, guarantee the mechanim's reliability. The manual blockage system prevents any risk of accidental lowering of the platform, and access to the switch is under lock and key. It is therefore impossible to bathe when the swimming pool is completely closed. The platform is also designed to resist a minimum load of 50 kg per square metre. Hence, for example, if your swimming pool measures 8 x 4 metres, the movable floor will easily withstand a load of 1.6 tons. The Aqualift system can be designed to suit your needs and the resistance you require.
Simple operation
The Aqualift movable floor is operated with fixed cables under the edge. Its structure varies from 15 to 30 cm in height, depending on the model, and moves vertically using a hydraulic oil or water system. Simply by pressing a button, the movable floor is raised, stopped and lowered whenever you wish. The system's simplicity and quick start-up allow the swimming pool to be opened or closed in less than a minute.
Care and maintenance
Choosing the Aqualift system means opting for peace of mind and comfort. It is robust, reliable and lasting and requires minimum maintenance. Why? The hidden movable floor structure is made with stainless steel crosspieces. The structures installed at our customers' sites to date show no signs of wear or alteration. The platform is finished in materials such as wood, stone, tiles or plastic, which undergo very little or no alteration at all over time. These materials are selected by us and require minimum maintenance. The facility has a hatchway to allow either a technician or a cleaning robot access under the movable floor structure. We offer a full 3-year guarantee on our installation. Should you subscribe to a maintenance contract, this guarantee is extended to 10 years. Our technical office can advise you on the design of your swimming pool and on the installation of an automatic cleaning system under the platform.
Qualité Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine
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