An Aqualift swimming pool is no ordinary pool. It offers technology and you can make its image your own. It surprises and encourages fantasy and brings peace of mind with its ease of use and maintenance. It is a shortcut to relaxation and simplicity, and an investment in a life philosophy. Although all this naturally comes at a price, there is also an underlying saving. Think about it. You might be surprised.
Greater peace of mind
You need no longer worry. The pool safety system is completely reliable and prevents all accidents. Because of its variable depth you may sunbathe in total relaxation while the children play and paddle in the water. The professionalism of our staff guarantees the quality of your swimming pool and of our services. With Aqualift you invest in peace of mind and can make worry-free use of your swimming pool. Let Aqualift look after the rest.
Greater space
When closed, the swimming pool remains perfectly hidden yet Aqualift turns it into much more than a closed swimming pool. The space may now be used as a play zone, a lounge, or a reception area. Not only do you win back the space allocated to the swimming pool, but you also increase the value of your property.
Greater ease of use
Aqualift swimming pools are extremely simple to use and to maintain. You may therefore make use of your swimming pool almost immediately. Your swimming pool no longer requires a cover for protection: the movable floor does this in just a few seconds.
Greater savings
When the platform is completely raised, the heat loss and evaporation are almost non-existent. This means savings in water and heating. The water also remains cleaner and therefore requires less treatment. For indoor swimming pools, the need for dehumidifying is minimised or even removed, depending on the finish. Possession of a movable floor also means you no longer require a cover or an alarm system. In addition, the strength of the materials used increases the life of your swimming pool, which will still be in excellent condition in ten years. Purchasing an Aqualift swimming pool is both a long-term investment and also a pledge to your quality of life and that of your family.
Qualité Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine
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