Alpina Aurélie and Yohann Lagord

Continuous follow-up with a punctuality seldom encountered

Aurélie and Yohann Lagord, owners of the hotel Les Bois Flottais on the Isle of Ré.

We saw this system working and initially wanted to buy it because our little daughter still couldn't swim very well. Having it brought great relief when supervising her: zero stress. As the depth could be adjusted, she easily learnt to swim. However, appearance was also a key influence in our purchase: a movable floor that turns a swimming pool into a terrace when not in use, looks good on the outside of a house. A swimming pool with a movable floor does involve a sizable investment but, because of its originality and usefulness, it raises the value of a property enormously and provides total quality and reliability. In addition, from the very first day it was installed and over years of use, Aqualift has guaranteed constant follow-up with a punctuality seldom encountered.
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Qualité Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine
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