Alpina Olivier Arrighi

200% safety

Olivier Arrighi, Chairman of Fidancia. Barcelona

I contacted Aqualift because of an article that appeared in Les Maisons Coté Sud. After an initial visit to assess the feasibility of the project and the production of plans, assembly took just 48 hours. Throughout this period and afterwards, I have experienced first-hand its personalised service and have been able to rely on them at all times. My main reason for purchasing a movable floor was safety as I have small children and am aware that alarms, fences and covers are not only ugly but are also sometimes ineffective and require a lot of attention. A movable floor, on the other hand, provides 200% safety: when closed, both the swimming pool and the danger disappear. In my opinion, all residents' associations should fit their swimming pools with systems like this. I also noticed all the space we gained as our swimming pool was inside a small interior courtyard. Outside the swimming season, a full or an empty swimming pool is slightly depressing, but with this movable floor, whenever we either don't want to see it or don't need it, we just make it disappear. As for the price, it works out as good value for money.
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Qualité Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine
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