Alpina Marie-Edith Morand

Dream Team, Dream Machine

Marie-Edith Morand, Aqualift Commercial, Marketing and Communication Director

The essence of our business lies in offering an imaginative and almost magical proposal to privileged customers who are also interested in the challenges posed by the latest technology. Manufacturing fantasy, made-to-measure movable floors is our company's strength and the pride of our staff. This drives us, requires unrivalled know-how, involves no outsourcing, and features constant development and compliance with European standards, particularly those regarding people's safety. The company not only complies with compulsory ten-year guarantees and has EC approval, but also offers its customers top quality and is acknowledged for the reliability of its facilities. Aqualift is organised into highly skilled teams with a passion for the product and currently exports to every corner of the globe to maximise both its own and its customers' satisfaction.
Qualité Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine
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