Alpina Emile Escalé

Ideas come to Aqualift by plane and boat

Émile Escalé, Aqualift's first customer

I first met Jean-Noël Morand, Aqualift's founder, in 1996 at the Paris Trade Fair, where he was exhibiting a very heavy, rudimentary movable floor inspired by lift tables. As a specialist in aeronautical mechanics, I raised my doubts about the invention. He has a passion for aviation and was so receptive that from then onwards we met once a week for the next year. In that time we tried out several movable floor projects with cables outside the pool, systems operated by electric motor, with worm gear or jack mechanisms, etc. Then one day when Jean-Noël was at a meeting with some naval engineering specialists, he realised that a jack can be immersed effectively. We therefore included the “motor” in the movable floor structure and the Aqualift principle (now patented) was born. The first prototype was built at my house and today still works perfectly.
Qualité Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine
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